With all the fancy talk about social media and blog posts and 21st century tech, the hands-down best way to reach past and potential clients is through a newsletter! Yes – a plain old, non-tech paper newsletter!

Frankly, it isn’t the riveting content that gets them — although we DO write good stuff!! — it is the EXCUSE to get your name and face in front of them each month. When you send a monthly newsletter, through the mail, you are training people to expect it. You are training them to see the envelope, open it, and know that it is from YOU!

Why is getting your name in front of clients important? Well, take real estate. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases of your lifetime yet, sadly, only 17 percent of people use their agent again. Why? They forgot their agent’s NAME!!! Seriously?! How pathetic is that? Send a monthly newsletter and they’ll remember your name. Add in a fresh blog, frequent social media posting, and some postcards and you are golden!

Relax! We are not suggesting that you eek out a well-written newsletter each month on top of your very busy work and personal schedule. We got you covered! We write; you print and mail. In fact, people that mail regular, monthly paper newsletters know that you can stuff envelopes fairly easily while binge-watching your fav show. #JustSaying

We can also help you send an electronic version. The choice is yours. The world is your oyster. Well, sort of. You still have to pay me to get it done for you. $300 for a print version (available as a pdf) or $500 for an electronic version. Send me an email and we can talk about the details.