Marketing Copy/Sales Letters

I’ve been writing marketing copy and sales letters since before I even knew what it was. I used to call it ‘channeling my inner cheese’ because — let’s face it — there is a certain amount of cheesiness that is involved in sales pitches. It’s unavoidable — well, if you want it to be good, it’s unavoidable.

There is a fine line, however, between ‘inner cheese’ and its creepy cousin, Lounge Lizard Larry. No one wants him to show up! Luckily, I’m great at walking that line. In fact, every single position I have held for the last 25 years, regardless of title, has ending up asking me write or re-write their marketing. I just have a crazy knack for it.

From prospecting letters to postcards, my marketing copy rocks. Period.

Starting a charter school is tough. It can be particularly difficult to get your message across to a leery public. Discovery Charter School not only used the copy I wrote for all their print marketing, but they also put it on their website and used the tagline I created, “Discover Different”, on everything. It defines them.

A good sales letter is not cheap. It can, however, be recycled, ┬árepurposed, and reused for years! ┬áThink of my $550 fee as an investment in your business’ future.