Bios/About Us Pages

The hardest thing to write is a bio or an ‘About Us’ page — hands down! Whether you are a professional writer or just winging it on your own, it’s tough! I actually take pride in being able to tell people exactly who you are as a person — not what your resume says — but the real you.

People buy from people they know, right?! An ‘About Me’ page that simply lists your dry, uninteresting achievements and college degrees doesn’t help anyone get to know you.

Let me work my magic.

How do you sell a tattoo artist? I mean, even though tats are trendy, it’s still a questionable profession … or is it? Check out this killer ‘About Me’ page I created for a tattoo artist in Texas. He sounds respectable, artistic, and — most importantly — like someone you want to work with!

Here’s another example I still love re-reading. A client — a 14 year old BOY — had an SEO company. He is super smart, but what company hires a freshman in high school to manage their online presence?! Here’s a pdf of how I spun that one.

How can I make YOU sound amazing? For just $350, we can find out. Email me at to set it up.