About Me

Faster than a viral tweet,
more powerful than a full-color postcard campaign,
able to brainstorm your marketing in a single bound.

It’s Idea Girl!

Here’s something you do not hear every day: I love my job… Love. Love. LOVE my job! I have years of experience in writing, marketing and small business management and it all comes together online. I seriously rock this stuff.

When I am not working, I am a sassy, sarcastic and, sometimes, snarky mom with more ideas in my head and jotted down on scraps of paper than I have hours in the day. Copywriting gets me excited. Crafting the perfect ‘About Us’ page for a client makes my day.

I Rock At:

  • Making killer cheesecake
  • Web copy
  • Ideas — for anything and everything (it’s kinda freaky!)
  • Parenting three tween girls
  • Helping small business owners grasp the whole internet/social media thing

I Suck At:

  • Showing restraint when eating above said cheesecake
  • Using electronics, like the TV remote and my cell phone
  • Driving the speed limit
  • Putting the laundry away (someone please tell my husband that we are not the only family that lives out of laundry baskets)

My title? Hmmmm … Chief Creative Officer, IdeaGirl, Copywriter, Content Strategist, Webmistress, Perpetual Learner, Resident Smartass.

Questions? Want to say hi? Shoot me an email at Awesome@IdeaGirlMarketing.com (Psssstt … one of the many benefits of knowing how to build a website is that you can make your email anything you want 🙂 )